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Solar Panels Technician


At IES, our goal is nothing short of putting the power of the sun in your hands and a smile on your face. If your solar system needs it, we provide it.

A solar photovoltaic system for your home or business is a great option for the environment and for your budget. Currently available rebates and tax credits significantly lower initial system costs and, in many cases, can allow you to begin saving money immediately. A solar system also maximizes energy efficiency and helps to protect you from utility rate increases.

IES Residential can design, manage, install, and inspect everything you need to go green. We will design a home solar power system specific to your needs and assist in obtaining all permits and utility approvals. We'll also assist with state, local and federal incentives, rebates and tax credits. After installing your system, we'll complete all final inspections and commission the services. It's that easy!

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