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Supporting our local communities

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform


We believe that in this increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, the only way to work is to work together. Not only to address the challenges and concerns of our customers and employees, but also to address the challenges and concerns of our communities, our country, and our planet. So we’re always thinking of ways to improve our corporate and social impact.


Our efforts range from reducing the environmental impact of our vehicle fleet to minimizing waste by evaluating and pre-planning our operations to be as efficient as possible before a project even begins. 


Recognizing the unique qualifications and values of those who have served our country, we are proud to partner with the U.S. Army in its Partnership for Youth Success program (PaYS) to further our recruitment of veterans. We are also committed to strong corporate ethical standards.


As active members in our local communities, we support numerous charitable causes and work to promote inclusion and diversity. We support our communities in many ways. From volunteering our time and efforts to giving throughout the year to local and national organizations, as well as charitable contributions for community organizations. 

And, we don't just stop at people. We support wildlife too. 


These two incredible creatures are IES Residential's adopted family. They represent our honey badger mascot, Wirenut. Jabari and Shani currently reside at the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens in Naples, FL and we couldn't be more proud to be their exclusive sponsor. 


The Naples Zoo is one of only two AZA accredited zoos in the nation with honey badgers. Jabari, Swahili for 'supreme ruler', is about 22 years old. Shani, Zulu for 'to be a flame', is about 21 years old. In a zoological setting, Honey Badgers can live up to about 26 years old whereas in the wild, their life expectancy is only about 7 years. 


In the morning, their Animal Care Specialists give them their breakfast to start their day. This consists of a variety of meat, fruits, vegetables, and a chow which is specially formulated for omnivores. Typically, a portion of their diet is paced in the yard for them to forage for or inside of enrichment. Enrichment is a way for the Animal Care Specialists to bring out natural behavior in the Honey Badgers, such as foraging for food, climbing structures, or digging holes. Honey Badgers are experts at digging holes due to their long claws and use these holes to take naps in or to hide their offspring in the wild. Every day the Animal Care Specialists fill in the holes the badgers dig up so that they can continue to exhibit that natural behavior, sometimes they even hide treats for Shani and Jabari to dig up. On a hot day, the badgers enjoy taking a quick dip in the pool or taking a nap in their hollowed-out log. While typically solitary in the wild, Shani and Jabari do well in sharing their home at the Naples Zoo and can often be seen wrestling each other or taking a nap together in what their care specialists affectionately call a "badger ball". 



Honey badgers earned a Guinness World Records Title, just like IES Residential!




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